5 reasons I will not give up – My journey to financial freedom

June 6, 2018 6 By Cris

This past week has been tough. I wanted to quit and had so many reasons why I should. I’m tired…..the bills are behind….the job has me working crazy hours……I just want to sleep.

But it is those times at night (typically very late at night) that I can’t sleep and my mind is racing. I can’t stop thinking about what life will be like when I reach my freedom number and can walk away from my job. I am constantly thinking about what life will be like when I get my business going and getting out of debt and how life will look when I get there.

Here are my top 5 reasons that I will not give up

1. My Family Needs This

One of my top reasons for beginning this journey is because of my family. I have spent most of my kids’ lives working, going to school, or both and have sacrificed so much time doing those things and missing so much with my family.

I want to be at the point where I am taking the kids on family vacations and I’m not worried about the price or how much time off I have or if the office will blow up while I’m out…

I don’t know if you know how it feels to miss a science fair presentation or a cheer competition because you have to work, but there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing the reaction of your child because you couldn’t show up again. It is one of the worst feelings and I don’t want to do that anymore.

2. I deserve freedom….especially from debt

There is no mistake that every day I read the stories of many around me who have had the opportunity to become financially free. Seeing these stories gives me so much motivation. I get in such a positive mood and it makes me feel like “I want to be like them when I grow up!”

No one should be bogged with debt their whole life especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck. The stress alone of wondering how you’re going to pay off your creditors is enough to drive you insane. I no longer want to live under that stress.

I deserve freedom!

3. These jobs ain’t loyal

Working for someone who doesn’t pay you for your full value SUCKS. It is a pain to work your ass off only to be “rewarded” with a bi-weekly paycheck that can barely pay the bills.

Work ethic has always been important to me. So I have worked hard to prove myself for so long. I have worked myself so hard at some moments though that I have made myself sick. Why would I continue to work myself into an early grave for a job that won’t pay me for what I am really worth?

Don’t get me wrong, some people have fulfilling jobs that work for them. But many people are struggling to make ends meet and don’t even know if their job will exist in the next 3 to 5 years.

What you can depend on is yourself. What things can you do to make your own brand larger? How can you create income for yourself without working paycheck to paycheck or trading time for money?

Many people think that their jobs are “secure” but many have also had a rude awakening after dedicating years of their lives to an organization only to get a notification that they are doing mass layoffs or having “forced” retirements.

4. Because I have a dream to be financially free

Close your eyes and dream with me for a minute…Okay don’t close your eyes because you have to keep reading, but you know what I mean….

Let’s imagine waking up in your fully paid for home….walking onto your lawn in your fully paid for grass. Then you jump in your fully paid for car for a drive.

You’re cruising and feeling the breeze and decide to take in the sites of your beautiful city (or country wherever you live) because you don’t have to go in and punch a clock that day. All you have to do today is enjoy life.

This could be more than a dream for you. This could be your reality every day. It may not happen today or tomorrow….it may even take you a few years to get there.


Many people work for decades and retire to only be miserable. What does it matter if it takes you a few years to get your new business up and running?

Why do we give up so easily on ourselves and our potential freedom, but we will work for 40 years for an organization who doesn’t have your dreams and goals in mind? We will dedicate all of our time, money, and energy to a 9-5 but we will quickly give up on our dreams.

Do not give up on your dreams…..as a matter of fact DREAM BIGGER TODAY!

5. My freedom is worth it

Don’t let negative people tell you anything different. You will probably run into comments like “oh are you still doing your little thing that is supposed to help you retire early?” Or people will say “Just work harder at your job and make more money there.”

Our friends and family are quick to give us advice on so many things especially when it comes to money. I caution you to take a look at where your advice is coming from…..

Is the advice positive?

Is the advice coming from a place of love and concern, or is it from someone who is probably just a naysayer anyway?

Is the advice coming from someone who is in a place that you want to be?

Remember once you take on someone’s opinion you also take on their lifestyle. So if you’re worried about what they are going to think of you because you’re still working on “your little website”, look at them and where their lifestyle is, then look back at your dreams and see where you want to be.

I’ve seen a number of people at the top and one of the most powerful pieces of advice I have seen from ALL of them is that it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight.

I’m in this for the long haul.

Have you been ready to quit? Tell me about it in the comments below.

With Luv,


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