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May 13, 2018 4 By Cris

Hi I’m Cris and I want to thank you for visiting Fake Rich and Tired! About Cris

The idea for Fake Rich and Tired came about after a discussion with my husband and some of our friends about how we deal with marriage and money issues. A friend was telling us about some issues they were having in their relationship and finances and my husband said “Oh yes, we continue to struggle with that!”. The friend said to us “We would never assume you all have these kinds of issues. You all make it look so perfect! You have the perfect marriage, a nice house, great kids….” at this point I couldn’t even focus. I had to take a step back after hearing what they said and then I realized…..


OUR STORY (how it is starting anyway….)

My husband and I have been married since September 2005. We have 3 children (an 18-year-old son and 2 daughters 15 and 13). Since we met so young, a lot of what we have experienced has all been through learning as we go.

From the outside we may look “rich” to many. We appear rich in mindset because we try to always give positive and insightful suggestions to our friends. We appear rich in love because when people see us, they see a pretty happy couple. Sometimes we hold hands and smile and all the other gushy movie stuff. I guess we appear rich in finances likely because of how we carry ourselves and the neighborhood we live in….

The truth is…………

There are times when we let negative thoughts get to us. We constantly struggle with staying positive when we are truly not yet rich in all of these areas.

Although we are a happy couple and look rich in love, we could be so much better. Many times once the doors are closed the happiness ain’t so happy. We argue and fight about things that you wouldn’t believe. Yes things as small as what TV programs to watch are normal fights, so don’t feel alone if you snapped at your spouse because you wanted to watch Love and Hip Hop tonight and they didn’t.

We also aren’t rich in our bank accounts (yet)….we are in so much debt that we are struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck. Most times the paycheck is actually gone before we even see it.

These are just some reasons why we have realized we are FAKE RICH!


We want you all to join us on our journey for a number of reasons. Many times people feel like they are the only ones who are going through something but I am learning more and more that we are not alone. If we are transparent about our journey we believe it will help others who are also feeling like they need to make steps toward a richer mindset, a richer marriage, and a richer bank account.

We feel that sharing our story will help us to create some accountability. As you go on this journey with us, you will be able to see our growth. It will almost be like watching a great series on Netflix, and you will get to see how we start and then see our very happy ending.

How will we help others?

This isn’t going to be your typical marriage advice or financial advice blog. In real time we are going to be sharing with you exactly how we are getting out of fake richness and moving towards true overall wealth and happiness. If something works you will get to see how and why it works for us. If it doesn’t work you get to see what we did to recover from that and how we move towards what will work.

We will share our experiences and feedback on a number of topics including:

  • Changing our mindset
  • How to keep things working in marriage (or fix what’s not)
  • Creating a budget and better money management
  • How we are working towards getting out of debt and becoming financially free

DISCLAIMER – We are NOT perfect and what works for us may or may not work for you. What we will be is open to share our story and our steps to get better so that someone out there right now who is tired of being fake rich just like us can know they are not alone.

We look forward to sharing our growth and hearing about your stories as well!

All the best,



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