Budget planning – Who in the world is Erin Condren?

January 12, 2019 0 By Cris

Okay y’all I have been working on finding the best way to keep up with this budget and it has truly been a challenge. I love having my spreadsheet because it is so easy for me to see all of the numbers and see them quickly. But after having a budget spreadsheet for over 12 years now I realize something still obviously isn’t working.

The process of me budgeting using this spreadsheet is like me continuing to use by phone with the broken phone screen….yeah I can use it but I keep cutting my fingers doing it!

So I have been reading a lot of blogs and watching a lot of YouTube videos for others who budget just trying to get an idea of what works for them.

I have seen everything from spreadsheets to apps to simple paper budgets and even planners.

Who knew that there was a planner for just about everything even budgeting! There is even a whole entire planning community that shares all of their planning ideas with all of their pens and stickers and fancy stuff…..its CRAZY!

Well y’all know me I will probably try just about anything….so I have been seeing many budgeters who are using planners by someone/something/someplace called Erin Condren. Seriously I heard this name in at least 97.13% of the videos that I watched for budget planning.

So I decided to do a search to check it out. With so many people using these planners they obviously have to be very good right?


WHY IN THEEE ENTIRE HELL IS THIS PLANNER SO MUCH MONEY? I feel like I have to open up an entire sinking fund just to save up for the next few years to get this thing.

So who/what is Erin Condren? Is it a Unicorn that will do all of my budget planning for me and make sure all of my accounts are balanced? Will this planner magically make more money appear in my account first to pay for this thing and next to pay off some of this debt in this debt snowball?

I really gotta know because this much money for a planner seems nuts to me! And no I am not used to buying planners so maybe I just am not used to the prices of them. Typically I have gotten them for free from my jobs or some conference I have attended and they were all really nice so I don’t think I have ever had to pay for one.

But if they cost this much I see why!

Seriously why do I have to bypass paying my car note in order to get one of these? Why must I sacrifice a limb or donate blood plasma twice before I can save up enough to buy a budget planner that I am only going to write in twice anyway before it’s on the shelf and I am back to my spreadsheets?

Well probably I don’t know yet if it will work…..

But if writing out my budget is what will work FOR NOW it will not be in a $14k planner. We are gonna have to wait on that one….remember…I am on a budget here 😉

Check out the YouTube video I did on this and let me know your thoughts as well!



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