Countdown to 14 years of Marriage for Team Travis – Day 2: Cereal Blankets

August 29, 2019 0 By Cris

Countdown to 14 years of #TeamTravis

Day 2:

Early in our relationship Trav came to visit me while I was living in Arizona. I left early one morning for a job interview.

One thing I should note is that Trav is a VERY hard sleeper. The only thing that immediately wakes him up is me turning off his fan in the middle of the night. Otherwise, if a tsunami hit our bedroom directly, he still may not wake up until everything is dried out….

Anyway I guess our son (who was 2 years old at the time) got a little hungry but couldn’t wake Trav up. So this little boy goes into the kitchen and gets a chair and pulls it up to the counter to climb on top of it. He then reaches from the counter to the top of the fridge to get a box of Alpha Bits cereal.

He brings the cereal down but he doesn’t make a bowl…..he proceeds to pour the entire box of cereal ALL OVER Trav while he is asleep in bed!

When I get back the deadbolt was on the door so I couldn’t get in. I am banging on the door and Trav is like “one second”….y’all know I am impatient so this was not turning out well.

He finally just let me in and immediately said “okay let me explain…..” I guess it was too much to be tryna clean up right then ????????????

That was a long time ago….he is still the hardest sleeper ever, however he is the most wonderful father and his children absolutely adore him! I couldn’t imagine a better father for my children.

Stay tuned for Day 3! Only 13 days until our 14th wedding anniversary!

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