Ready to give up? What if the reward is right there?

October 9, 2018 0 By Cris

So last week I was in a little of a slump. It seemed nothing was going right from my job search to my ideas about my business endeavors. Sometimes I can get a bit impatient and want things to happen NOW and I miss the bigger picture.

There are times I sit back and can fully visualize the great things that are going to happen in my life. Then there are other days when I can only see every obstacle that is holding me back from getting there and I don’t see how to get past those obstacles in that time.

Your journey is an obstacle course

If you look back at your journey to get just about anywhere, most of the time you will notice that it may have taken a few twists and turns, some detours and even some U-turns to get to where you are.

Seriously close your eyes right now and think about something you worked REALLY hard for and think about the moment you got it.

Now think of the biggest obstacle you ran into while on that journey. WHAT IF you stopped focusing on the big prize and just focused on that obstacle? Would you have ever made it to the end?

Sometimes we stop and whine and bitch about the obstacle in front of us not knowing that the prize is right on the other side of that obstacle.

How to get through it…

I can’t tell you that. Only you can get through your personal obstacle course. All I can tell you is that we have likely all been there….in that place where you felt like nothing was going right and you just wanted to say F… THIS!!!

Think about it, have you ever had a tattoo? Do you remember what it felt like? Did you ask your friends with tattoos what it felt like when they got it? Did that make any difference in how it felt for you?

Probably not.

You have to get through it and feel it out YOUR way. There is nothing that I can tell you to get you through it, because you are going to feel what the hell you want to feel regardless of what I tell you.

Just get through it….

You gotta push! All the struggles, the heartache…the pain….you just have to push through it!

SN (when you were reading that did you think of the Martin Episode with Gina singing “You got to PUSH”…

I digress……..

I am not saying you can’t be pissed off or down for a moment. We all need our time to just be in our zone. That’s cool – take that moment. Punch a teddy bear or drink a beer and get back on track.

Then, just for a moment in the middle of your cry, you have to tell yourself “I’m gonna get through this”. Many times it makes things feel a whole lot better. Just saying it aloud helps you believe it even when it doesn’t seem like you can make it.


This week is a whole new week for me

Even the end of last week ended phenomenally! All….well most….of the stuff that I was worried about all worked out. I got the phone call I had been waiting for and I received messages about things I had been worried about that had been taken care of. A few of my friends even got some great news of their own and shared it with me!

On another note, someone actually told me I “couldn’t” do something which is cool. Y’all know how I feel when someone tells me what I can’t do right?

So trust and believe I already have a plan in place to show them that their no means NOTHING to me. Got past that obstacle and ready to face the next!

Anyway I am happier this week and just wanted to share that with y’all. I will be back to the money and budgeting stuff later this week.









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